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The AgroTourism Project promotes global agricultural products and those goods and products manufacture by rural industries and integrate tourism and country pursuits. The goal is to provide useful information to the agricultural community, to provide a window into Europe and to make it easier to do business inside the European Union and Switzerland, especially in France, Italy and Spain.

The promotion of farm products and tourism are the prime objective and a farm shop is being designed where there will be ample opportunity to display and promote a compressive range of country fare from world markets - see designs on his page. The world’s farmers are facing an uncertain future. Proposed changes in the way subsidies are allocated by the European Community will, if anything, exacerbate financial problems. This project will help farmers and rural industries improve their income streams through exports to Europe. It will be shown that sustainable land use, protection of the environment, rural development and the cultural heritage of rural communities is possible and can be achieved. The integration of tourism and farming will allow better and more efficient use of resources and will provide job and business opportunities in rural communities and reduce urban migration.

As the project develops educational facilities will be added and an arts and crafts centre will teach and preserve of many skills and crafts in danger of being lost for ever. It is anticipated that horticultural colleges will be interested in providing students with an opportunity to study viniculture, the skills of the farrier, cheese making and so on.

No project in the EU can be successful without the exchange the equal exchange of products and ideas among its members. It is the intention to offer a similar marketing opportunity to European farmers and rural industries in the United States and United Kingdom.

The project is in the final stages of property selection and attracting financing for the project. Substantial research as to location of the first of several European shops led us to decide that France should be the first market to penetrate. France is probable the most difficult market to sell but one of the most rewarding. Geographically France is central to the Community. The French Government have encourage me to establish the first of these centres in their country and have been of material assistance. About 50 jobs will be created in France within the first year of operation in one of the poorer regions of the country followed by a further 150 job within three years.

No guarantees are expressed or implied regarding the success of the venture described in this business plan.


Proposed Development

Pershore Retail Market 3

The Market - to be adapted to local architectural styles


The market stalls

Butchers Shop

Butchery and Deli



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