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Swiss real estate investment management company

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AgroTourism Limited,

Paul B. Anthony, Licensed Real Estate Broker

The following companies are no longer trading

Antco International Limited

International Property Counselors

Ludlow Trading

The Cester Group


Partial listing of clients:


Al-Hanouf Group of Companies (Saudi Arabia)

Ali Abdulaziz Al-Homaidi Company (Kuwait)

American Can Company (Germany)

American Real Estate Trust (Luxembourg, France, U.K.)

Areal Bau (Austria)

Arab Contractors Osman Ahmed Osman (Egypt)

Armstrong World Industries (Spain, Germany)

Banque Paribas (Switzerland, France, Spain)

Banque Rothchild

Boccard Industries, Newburgh (USA)

Boliden (Panama)

Bonnier (Sweden)

Bostiich (Germany)

Chemical Bank (France, Spain)

Chukka Cove Farm Limited (Jamaica)

Circle K Corporation

Clifton Management (Canada)

Compagnie Generale de Vetements (France)

Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle (France)

Egyptian Government

Egyptian International Office for Foreign Trade

1Epic-Sony (Japan)

Ernst, Cane & Winnick (Spain)

Etra & Etra

Exxon (Phillippines, Malaysia, Indonesia & Far East)

Finley, Kumble, Wagner, Heine & Underberg (U.K., Spain)

Ford Motor Company (U.K.)

Franklin Realty Advisors

Fred French Realty

Fretheim Chartering (Norway, British V.I.)

Future Vision, Inc (USA & Brazil)

Granary Holdings International

Hilton Hotels International

Hilton Hotels, Long Island (USA)

Holiday Inns (France, Spain, Germany)

Honeywell (France)

Hotel Esplanade Associates (USA)

IBM (Various)

I.T.T. (Belgium)

Interfinanz, A.G. (Switzerland)

Intergrund GmbH (Germany)

International Research Associates (Far East)

Intervest S.A. (Germany, Switzerland)

Invest International Holdings (Luxembourg & Monaco)

Kentucky Fried Chicken, NYS (USA)

Kredietbank (Belgium, Luxembourg)

Kuwait Government

Leasco (France, Belgium)

Lehndorff (Germany)

London & Leeds Assurance Company

Ludlow Trading

Massachusetts Mutual Insurance Comapny

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Metropolitan Opera (NYC)

MMM (Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing)

Mid-American Properties

Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

Al-Hanouf Health Services local contractor.

Ministry of Oil Services, Libya.

Murdoch & Coll, Inc (Germany)

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company

Mitsui Fudosam

Mabon-Nugent & Co



Pakhorst International (Holland, Spain)

Phillips Pension Funds (Holland)

Pierver Corporation (Thailand, Malaysis)

RKM Properties

Raytheon (France, Switzerland)

Repexco, S.A. (Panama)

Samal Impex (RSA)

Saudi Direction for Trading & Construction

Sears, Roebuck & Co (Spain)

Sheraton Hotels

Skanska (Sweden)

Soprogepa (Pension Fund, France)

Sumitomo (Japan)

Stauffer Chemical (Mexico, Spain)

Swift & Company (Germany, Italy)

Swiss Village (Switzerland & Germany)

Tenzer, Greenblatt, Fallon & Kaplan (Switzerland, France, Luxembourg & Spain)

Textron (Germany)

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Steel

United Technologies

Univac (U.K.)

W.M. Capital, (Wien-Malkin) (Germany, Isreal)

Westinghouse Electric Corporation

Weyerhaeuser Company

The Zeckendorf Company