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Over the last quarter of a century timber use has increase some 35% and has deforested many areas of the world. There appears to be no slowdown in the demand for timber products, in fact, demand is still increasing. Future timber production must be sustainable and this is particularly important for hardwoods. The use of trees may be divided into categories:

Mature seedling for bulk reforestation.

3 - 6 year old tress for Ornamental use.

10 - 12 for commercial use such as paper making.

20 year plus mature trees for furniture, vanes etc.

Tree Farm


Tree farming is very intensive work and requires daily attention to the plantations. Trees require 25 - 30 litters of water a day and weekly applications of fertilizer to achieve maximum healthy growth. This intensive care must continue for three years from planting out. There must also be adequate protection form being grazing by animals, attached by insects and infected by fungus.